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Growing a large, engaged Twitter audience is hard work. And it’s getting harder. With over 10 000 tweets posted every second, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. It’s why we created Tweet Hunter. It’s also why every week we post new helpful articles on your blog. Our goal: to help you create content and employ tactics that will get you more engaged followers.

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How to DM on Twitter. Do’s and Dont’s

As soon as you log into Twitter, you see a continuous stream of content. People sharing their wins and failures, how they did this or that, their journeys… There’s plenty

How to become a Twitter Ghostwriter

Creators, makers, and entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing the power of Twitter for creating content and building audiences.  The challenge most face? They are busy (like really busy) people. It is

30 tips to grow your Twitter audience

We all want to grow a Twitter audience because a strong Twitter brand gives you many things: Positions yourself as someone interesting and worth reaching out to Leads to many

Top 11 Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

If you are looking for interesting Twitter accounts to follow, you have come to the right place. Twitter has 396 million users, of which 206 million are active users. With

Write tweets faster

How To Write 100 Tweets in Less Than 1 Hour

Writing tweets can be a hassle. Especially high performing tweets that get you more followers and engagement. Let’s explore how you can supercharge your tweet writing abilities.

Grow your twitter account

How To Grow Your Twitter Account

Growing your number of Twitter followers is easier said than done. Though Twitter is a great opportunity to make new connections and find customers, your power of persuasion is directly linked to how many followers you have.