How to increase the reach of your tweets – 16 proven tips

We all want our tweets to reach more people. Either to: Get more followers Make more money Share our ideas with more people Get more leads and grow our business Or to simply share our ideas with more people There are many ways to do so, but let’s start with the basics: you have to […]

How to DM on Twitter. Do’s and Dont’s

As soon as you log into Twitter, you see a continuous stream of content. People sharing their wins and failures, how they did this or that, their journeys… There’s plenty to keep you reading for a long time.  The truth is that what you are seeing on Twitter is only the surface. If you think […]

How to become a Twitter Ghostwriter

Creators, makers, and entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing the power of Twitter for creating content and building audiences.  The challenge most face? They are busy (like really busy) people. It is well known that content creation is incredibly time-consuming. Due to this, lately, we’ve noticed an increase in Twitter ghostwriters who help entrepreneurs, makers, and creators […]

How to make money on Twitter – 6 proven ways

Twitter is more than just a place to discuss with others. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people. Also, it’s where the decision-makers of business and marketing (two of the biggest money-making industries in the world) hang out. The truth is that it’s probably one of the best places to make money as […]

30 tips to grow your Twitter audience

We all want to grow a Twitter audience because a strong Twitter brand gives you many things: Positions yourself as someone interesting and worth reaching out to Leads to many opportunities and increases your “luck surface” area Acts as a modern-day CV Why Twitter in particular? There are lots of places to build an audience, […]

Top 11 Twitter accounts to follow in 2022

If you are looking for interesting Twitter accounts to follow, you have come to the right place. Twitter has 396 million users, of which 206 million are active users. With over 6,000 tweets sent per second, it’s hard to find the right Twitter accounts to follow. As a Twitter management tool, we decided to make […]

Get more Twitter followers – 5 changes you can make today

People often think that getting more followers on Twitter is as simple as signing up for the platform and starting to tweet. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how well you attract people to your profile via content, if you cannot convert them into followers. Often, these creators ignore their Twitter profiles. You can […]

Twitter Analytics: Understanding and Using Data to Grow Your Account


Well done, you’ve been publishing your content on Twitter for a while now. You see your account growing and you enjoy the process. At some point, you feel you stagnate. Your content does well, but you know you can do better. So, what do you do? Trying more of the same thing or trying something […]

The Complete Guide to Growing your Twitter Audience

Getting more followers is something every creator aspires to. And, they are right: An online audience is a stem cell that could become any cell. It allows you to build anything out of it later down the road. Building an audience comes before everything. It’s a true superpower.  Your online presence will be the currency […]

8 Tweet Templates That Always Work

Tweet Templates

Looking for tweet templates you can use and re-use time and time again? Here’s a list of templates that will help you drive engagement.