How To Get Your First 1000 Followers On Twitter

How To Get Your First 1000 Followers On Twitter

The 1000 followers landmark is a big one, and surely the hardest to reach. Here are some of the basics you need to implement if you are to reach it!

Getting your first set of followers on Twitter can be exciting as well as stressful. When the target is a thousand followers, it is definitely a cause for concern if you do not know how to go about it.

Why A Thousand Followers

When you are on a social media platform like Twitter, the aim is to increase the number of followers. However, why reach 1000 followers? Why is this important?

There are millions of users on Twitter and other social media platforms. Today, social media has become the go-to place for anyone and everyone to blog, promote, market, connect and grow their businesses. In such a place, if you want to stand apart and show them you mean business and you have enough credibility for them to trust you and your business, you need followers.

The number of followers you have shows the number of people who believe in your business and find it interesting. The more the number of followers on Twitter, the more visible your account becomes, thus putting your business out there for the world to see and judge.

When you reach the first 1000 followers milestone, your legitimacy increases and this is the point where you usually begin growing a lot faster because people start trusting you.

How To Increase Followers

While one can use certain shortcuts to reach the first 1000, it may backfire. In addition, when non-approved tactics are used to earn followers, Twitter can even disable your account.

Do not worry; we have got you covered. Here are 6 legitimate tactics to reach 1000 followers on Twitter in a short span of time:

Choosing a Good Handle

Your account name is your Twitter handle. Just like a simple e-mail address is essential for business communications, a good handle is essential for easy recognition. Choose a name that relates closely to your business. For example, an aspiring chef can come up with a handle that has the word “chef” as a prefix to their name. This is easier to understand and remember than a random number or detail people are unaware of.

Also, ensure your handle is the same or at least very similar to the handles on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Your profile is what creates the first impression. Ensure you have a good photo of yourself or your work and clear details. When someone comes across your profile, apart from an attractive picture, the details you share are important. They have to convey what your profile is all about and what the account has been created for – is it a personal account, for business, etc.


The content you share is extremely important to get 1000 followers and more on Twitter. As with any social media platform, content is the backbone of your growth strategy. Twitter favores those who publish great tweets consistently. This drives traffic to your profile, which turns into more engaged followers for you.

Writing great and high performing tweets is where Tweet Hunter can help you.

Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags helps your followers to find the post they are interested in at a later date too. So come up with creative hashtags and maintain the hashtag for similar posts. If you are using a unique hashtag to differentiate your tweets from others’, ensure you use the hashtags in all your tweets. This will help anyone find all your tweets under one hashtag, or if the hashtag becomes popular and someone was to search for that hashtags, all your posts will be visible.

A catchy hashtag that brings people to your tweets and your account will help increase your followers in a short span of time. Then, as the hashtag continues to be in use, your followers will also increase in a steady stream.

Regular And Concise

Your Tweets have to be regular but not too much. If you tweet once in a while, people will forget you and your tweets and consider you not very active. An active account will get more followers as the activity on that account increases. What you want is to have a healthy amount of 5 to 10 good tweets every day.

Similarly, all your tweets, when only text, have to be concise and to the point. Keep it short and interesting to get more attention. When it is just plain text, people tend to scroll down after a few words. The trick here is to catch your followers in those few words and make them come back for more.

Engage With Bigger Accounts

When you interact with bigger accounts by commenting on their tweets or re-tweeting their tweets, you are bringing attention to your account.

For Example: If you are passionate and want to grow an audience interested in SaaS marketing, you can engage with Twitter accounts that are leaders in this field. Interact with accounts that discuss this issue on a large scale. Your interaction should be not only comments and discussion on their tweet but also re-tweets. Re-tweeting an important tweet that has gained a lot of momentum will help increase your account’s visibility, thereby increasing your followers.


Getting 1000 followers on Twitter in a short span of time is not an easy task. However, don’t buy fake followers, as this will only cause you more harm than good when followers realize the sudden jump in the number. Instead, be patient, persistent, and consistent with the ideas mentioned above, and the followers will flow in.

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