How To Increase Twitter Followers

How To Increase Twitter Followers

12 tactics and best practices you can use to grow your Twitter account and increase followers.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms where one can share their views and grow their business. Having a good number of followers on Twitter can help you reach more people with ease.

What Does Everyone Want?

Ask anyone who has a business account on Twitter, and they aim to increase their followers on Twitter. Many people put in a lot of effort consistently to build a following on Twitter. This increases their visibility and popularity among their target audience and like-minded people.

However, growing Twitter followers is not an easy task. It takes time, dedication, and patience before seeing the number of free Twitter followers increasing organically. While there are shortcuts to increase your followers, using methods that Twitter does not approve can get your account suspended.

How To Grow On Twitter

If you are wondering how to build a followers on Twitter, here are 12 tips you can use:

1. Consistency – Keep tweeting consistently. Come up with a schedule or a calendar with a fixed timeline. This will help you post regularly. What you should be aiming for is to write high quality tweets 5 to 10 tweets per day.

2. Relevance – One cannot tweet about random things and get a good number of followers on Twitter. Growing twitter audiences requires you to be in sync with their needs or outlook. Tweet about what is relevant to your audience, and you will see those numbers go up. Regular tweets about a said topic can increase your followers consistently. Most of these followers will turn into active followers, engaging in comments and discussions on your tweets.

3. Visuals – Not everyone has the time to read every tweet that shows up on their feed. Every once in a while, throw in some visual content to attract the attention of the audience. This will also help your tweets stay in mind longer. Memes work pretty well for that!

4. Interaction – Keep interacting with your audience. If someone responds to your tweet or re-posts your tweet, ensure you respond ASAP. Regular posts and interaction with your audience will make your account more prominent and help increase the number of followers.

5. Influencers – Involve influencers to market your business. They can provide visual content, tweet about your business, re-tweet, or simply interact with you on your tweets. This will get the attention of their followers, thus transferring a few to you.

6. Promote your Twitter account – A business requires more than just social media presence. When you promote, advertise, or even share information about your business outside social media, add the link to your Twitter account. Add your Twitter link to the bottom of your business card, letterhead, advertisements, E-mail signature, and other business communication.

7. Campaign – Run a short or long-term campaign to get more followers. A short-term campaign will help increase your visibility for a fixed time, while a long-term campaign will increase your followers consistently.

8. Existing Contacts – Tap into your existing contact on other social media platforms, your personal contacts, E-mail contacts, etc. Send them your link, asking them to follow you. We tend to miss out on people we know well when it comes to followers.

9. Trending Topics – Tweet about trending topics, especially if they are related to your business or account. This will bring in more participation from followers, thus increasing visibility. Sharing your opinion and discussing a current topic will engage your followers. Be careful when you discuss sensitive issues. One wrong move here can defame you and your account, thus gaining you negative publicity, which can be very hard to overcome.

10. Re-tweet – See some interesting tweets? Re-tweet it on your account. This can get you noticed by like-minded followers and the leaders in the industry and their followers.

11. Hashtags –Using relevant hashtags is very important to tap into the right audience. The hashtags make your page and tweets more prominent among your target audience. Hashtags also help them find your tweets easily. This is like a quick search tool that helps the audience find tweets and information relevant to them. However, you don't want to always be using them, because it can also make you sound like a promotional/commercial account looking for attention.

12. Timing – Study your followers to understand when they are active on Twitter. Posting around the time they are active on Twitter will help increase the activity around your tweet. There will be more discussions, responses, re-tweets, etc. when done at the right time. On the contrary, if you were to tweet when your audience is not active, your tweet will get buried, and most of your target audience might miss it when they get on Twitter next. Tweet Hunter can help you identify when your followers are active.


Social media can be tricky when you want to grow using it. A better understanding of the platform, the users, and your target audience will help you come up with strategies and ideas to increase followers organically. The tips as mentioned above can help in your quest to increase your Twitter followers without getting into trouble with Twitter. 

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